Information on the CEO

Shamiar Spann

Shamiar Spann is the founder and editor of DanceTalk the new influential dance mogul and dance publication that sees and sets trends in the dance community by providing the latest news in dance style, technique, fitness and fashion. As a native from Jackson, Mississippi, this dance dynamo gained monumental acclaim by becoming the Director of Who’s Who 2015, where she was able to lend her voice to youth advocacy and develop into a prominent beacon of inspiration in the dance community.

Shamiar has since captivated audiences by conducting energized interviews with top celebrity dancers to up and coming ballerinas. And with her wit, charm and extensive insight into the world of dance, she has added a cascade of PR credits to her repertoire, along with accomplished host, philanthropist and interviewer for DanceTalk Dialogue in the Atlanta surrounding area.

Shamiar’s feet may be firmly rooted, but her passion for dance has taken her to new heights and thrust her into a career that has allowed to appear across all mediums of media, including print, radio, TV and online. She’s been featured in countless programs where she has been able to exhibit her boundless talent like “Bring It”, “The Prancing Elites Projects” & “Step it Up” and this is only the beginning.

Shamiar is a trailblazer for dancers and the archetype of music in motion. She has permeated the dance world with a unique style that is unrivaled and will be admired for years to come.

She invites you to join her on her new adventure with DanceTalk as she cultivates the publication with events, innovative promotions and partnerships that offer support for the camaraderie of dancers nationwide.